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Q3 2014 Analyst Package10/21/2014
Q2 2014 Analyst Package7/22/2014
Q1 2014 Analyst Package4/22/2014
Q4 2013 Analyst Package2/12/2014
Q3 2013 Analyst Package10/21/2013
ACC Investor Day 2013 Presentation9/19/2013
Q2 2013 Analyst Package7/23/2013
Q1 2013 Analyst Package4/23/2013
Q4 2012 Analyst Package2/12/2013
Q3 2012 Analyst Package10/22/2012
Q2 2012 Analyst Package7/24/2012
Q1 2012 Analyst Package4/24/2012
Q4 2011 Analyst Package2/14/2012
Q3 2011 Analyst Package10/25/2011
Q2 2011 Analyst Package7/26/2011
Q1 2011 Analyst Package4/26/2011
Q4 2010 Analyst Package2/16/2011
Q3 2010 Analyst Package10/27/2010
Q2 2010 Analyst Package7/28/2010
REITWeek Analyst Package6/10/2010
Q1 2010 Analyst Package4/28/2010
Q4 2009 Analyst Package2/17/2010
Q3 2009 Analyst Package10/28/2009
Q2 2009 Analyst Package7/29/2009
Q1 2009 Analyst Package4/29/2009
Q4 2008 Analyst Package2/18/2009
Investor Presentation1/13/2009
Q3 2008 Analyst Package10/29/2008
Q2 2008 Analyst Package8/5/2008
Q1 2008 Analyst Package4/30/2008
Q4 2007 Analyst Package2/27/2008
GCT Student Housing Acquisition Investor Presentation2/12/2008
Q3 2007 Analyst Package10/31/2007
Q2 2007 Analyst Package7/31/2007
Q1 2007 Analyst Package5/1/2007
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